Social Impact

Activate Your Career has a commitment to support people who may not be in a position to pay full fees for our services.  We reinvest 10% of profits to provide bursaries on a merit by merit basis and by way of a short, written application process.

Alongside my role with Activate Your Career, for the past seven years I’ve also worked as a careers coach for a national charity that supports disadvantaged people to find employment and vocational training opportunities. I’ve facilitated over 250 people into work. They sometimes have a range of barriers which need to be addressed before paid employment can be achieved. Encouraging people to seek additional relevant support, to volunteer and to take up training opportunities is important to help them to source sustainable work and gain confidence and self esteem along the way. These are commonly at rock bottom which I address ‘front and centre stage’.

 With a combination of my life coaching style and careers coaching skills working well together, (as it does with my Activate Your Career clients) I would like to offer the opportunity of working with people through our bursary scheme who may be either unemployed or on low incomes.

    ” Michael has offered his careers coaching service to me over several weeks, to explore my current work situation. He has helped me to identify what I want to do for a living and how I choose to work. He recognises my ambition, whilst seeking out reasons for my procrastination. We have identified reasons why l put things off and how I’ve believed the consequences of doing so appear ‘rewarding’ as l can’t fail that way, whilst l live with the daily frustration of making little progress with my career aspirations. I have become far more engaged with my own dreams as we, together unlock my potential to qualify and start up my own Counselling practice and believe in myself. He has an ability to challenge whilst being completely on my side without judgement. I would highly recommend Michael if you want to get unstuck and seek out career options that truly align to what’s important to you.” Jennifer McLaren

Issues where a bursary may be applied, include redundancy, long term unemployment, housing difficulties, alcohol and drug dependency, domestic violence and perhaps most commonly health conditions and disabilities. Mental ill health, neurodiversity issues and people with learning difficulties are very common. Additionally, those on very low wages can apply for a bursary as access to other employment programmes, are usually denied to such people as they don’t meet the prerequisite unemployment criteria.

      “It was a pleasure to work with Michael who is so professional and efficient he sees the good in everyone and is very compassionate. He is also great fun and always makes you smile even in tough situations. It was a privilege to get to know Michael and I have no doubt he will continue to make others lives better.” Paula Ash CertRP

I use my coaching skills and style to support people across the board and when the time is right, help them to address their employability skills shortages by supporting the writing of cvs, guiding job search and applications and in turn, teaching interview techniques. Many obtain jobs and sustain work so please don’t let our standard fees get in the way from applying to Activate Your Career for the help you need.