Client Reviews

“I was recommended Michael by a family member when I was struggling to grasp direction in my career. I didn’t know what to expect from the course of coaching but I was immediately met with the perfect mix of professionalism and approachability. Michael provided me with support and confidence to make decisions in my career and my personal life. He enabled me to open up and talk about myself which in turn allowed me to make important changes in my career. I would strongly recommend Michael to anyone who is having any career doubts, struggles or just needing some support and direction.”
Polly Morgans, Social Work Assistant

“Michael has been inspirational in opening new visions of what opportunities I had which I was not fully capitalising on. He really helped me identify the most valuable aspects of my professional and personal profile and put my best personal self forward.”
Rick Alonso, Senior Project Manager

“I recently had 6 sessions with Michael, following a recommendation from a friend. Michael is very friendly, open and engaging and I soon discovered very effective at getting to the heart of the issue. He was direct and able to boil things down in a very simple way, making it easy to digest. I found our conversations personally challenging around some of my beliefs and their sources but in the end, it was exactly what i needed to gain the clarity I was seeking. I would highly recommend Michael and hope to work with him again in the future.”
Nkechi Onyido, Consultant

“I was recommended to Michael by a friend as am currently at a crossroads in my life, and she thought he could help me – and how right she was! Michael quickly put me at ease in our first virtual meeting. I really did not know what to expect from the process as had not done any formal career coaching before. What Michael offered was much more life coaching, and he was skilled at being able to make me feel comfortable to enter discussions but also challenge me during them. He dealt with difficult topics with a great deal of empathy. It was a great start to the next chapter of my life and will build on the work I did with Michael to find my way forward. It is great to know his door is still open should I feel the need for additional sessions. I can thoroughly recommend his approach – both in what he does and how he does it!” Anonymous Client,  Senior Project Manager

“With just the right balance of intuition and methodology, Michael helped me unearth pathways that I had not previously considered. Through one to one coaching we mapped out many of my deep seated self beliefs, some of which had been limiting me for years. I felt supported at every stage and each week my confidence and self esteem grew. Under Michael’s expert guidance I gained clarity on what was important to me and what I wanted to achieve. At the same time he facilitated and challenged my thought processes, keeping me on track and true to myself, helping me make choices that served me best. I am now much more settled in my day job and have also started my own business, which had been a life long unfulfilled goal. This would not have happened without Michael’s exemplary coaching skills, for which I am extremely grateful.”
Sheila Jones,  Experienced Senior Manager

It was a pleasure to work with Michael who is so professional and efficient he sees the good in everyone and is very compassionate. He is also great fun and always makes you smile even in tough situations. It was a privilege to get to know Michael and I have no doubt he will continue to make others lives better.
Paula Ash, CertRP

“Michael is a highly skilled and empathetic career coach. He is extremely patient and a fantastic listener, someone who’ll truly take the time to understand who you are as individual and your goals. His course is well designed and very thorough. It ultimately enables him to build a reflective CV, help you find the right jobs, submit more successful applications and achieve more positive interview outcomes. I would recommend him to anyone who needs more direction in finding their dream role!” 
James Hawgood, Controls Operation Analyst at Beazley

“I worked with Michael to overcome my limiting beliefs and avoidant behaviours. Michael was there to support me as I started to take steps into the unknown and face some of my biggest fears from a new head and heart space. Michael works with a clear syllabus but is able to work with you and go at your pace and depth. Our work together has had a profoundly positive affect on my life and wellbeing as I continue to create the life I love.” 
Richard Barrowclough, Consultant Support Worker

“Michael Laws was massively helpful to me as a careers coach (and still is on occasion). He is thoughtful and and fair in all his advice. Michael was not afraid to tell me things that I might not have wanted to hear, but needed to, when it came to getting me to be a more competent work seeker. He could do this whilst always being conscious of my being autistic. He showed great flexibility whenever I needed an appointment moved and etc. Even off the clock he helped me a great deal by reaching out to potential employers as an advocate. Michael understands the importance of self-esteem and confidence in careers, and made this a prominent point in his sessions with me. He is incredibly encouraging and helped me a great deal with my confidence. I would happily recommend Michael Laws to anyone, regardless of their profession or stage in their career.” 
Murray T Illman, Volunteer at Benenden Hospital

“Thank you, Michael, for your guidance and support. Your nurturing approach, through probing, insightful, intuitive but sensitive questioning, and tremendously broad experience in the field have proven to be a dynamic and highly effective combination. You’ve helped me to recognise my transferable skills as well as the value of my experiences and of my qualities. Packaged with your mentoring, encouragement and advice, this has provided the perfect launch pad to finding my new role and enabled me to begin my job with renewed confidence and purpose.” 
Nick Young, Community Development Manager at East London Essex Liberal Synagogue

“Michael has been excellent in supporting me through the recruitment process from application writing to interview technique. This process had always filled me with anxiety simply because I had no methods or techniques to draw on and now I do. I have come away from our sessions with much higher confidence in my skills and abilities and also in how I apply and interview. More than this though is Michael’s ability to hone in on the personal blockers to my confidence in the first place. This is not something we are encouraged to explore but it is invaluable to unlocking the process. What I have gained in confidence is matched by my insight into the ways in which I can undermine myself especially at work. I highly recommend Michael for both his practical and interpersonal skills.” 
Kharma-Sel Barrowclough, Tenancy and Leasehold Manager

I had two sessions with Michael. After each I felt much more optimistic and confident, and was able to move on and resolve an issue at work highly effectively. Working one-on-one with Michael is a kind of alchemy, the positive result and effect it has had is remarkable.” 
Harriet Posner,  BA Programme Director and Lead on Learning and Teaching at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

Michael immediately put me at ease with his friendly, down to earth attitude, and really took the time to understand my situation. At a transition point in my career, Michael has given me some real clarity and helped me understand how best to move forward. Whether it’s your CV that needs a bit of attention, or you want some preparation for interviews, Michael’s extensive experience will prove invaluable. Am now in touch with recruiters and feel totally prepared for the next stage- thank you! ” 
Oliver Finn-Kelcey, Civil Engineer at HOP Consulting Limited

“I have been working closely with Michael for the last 3 months and the journey has been very illuminating and uncovered some really interesting possibilities. Michael has a very engaging approach and has certainly enabled me to step through fears and break the cycle of my self limiting beliefs. I would highly recommend Michael if you are looking for a careers coach, the time with Michael has definitely been a valuable return on my investment. I am very thankful for the insights I have uncovered for myself with Michael’s guidance and I’m extremely excited about my next steps. Thank you Michael it’s been quite a journey.” 
Gary Chester, Printing Specialist

I was at a crossroads in my career when I contacted Michael for some advice. Michael provided well structured sessions on preparing for interviews, CV advice and how to navigate likely pitfalls in the interview room. I would recommend Michael’s invaluable career coaching for anyone in the same position.” 
Andy Stephens, Senior Membership Officer