Careers Development Consultancy

Designed to support you and do as it says, Activate Your Career is a career development consultancy working to reactivate careers for professionals who have been made redundant or are already in the work place, in all fields and at all levels. We work with individuals who have reached a crossroads and are exploring a change in direction. It is also designed for school, college and university leavers looking for support and guidance as they start their career journey.

Coaching is designed and offered to help identify barriers that prevent career progression or career change. We support you to focus on your strengths, equipping you to fulfil the direction you are choosing and remaining passionate about your career choices. Working together we can facilitate pathways of self discovery, to enable personal growth and forward direction.

Activate Your Career offers a highly practical approach to employability, providing a toolkit of skills essential for success at any stage of your career. This includes guidance to ensure interviews are secured through focussed CV’s and job applications. Through trained techniques and self esteem enhancement, we can help you to perform confidently at interviews to achieve those magical job offers

For an informal conversation to discuss how we may be of service to you please get in touch through our website contact page.

From our career development services page please find detailed information and support on careers coachingCVs, application forms and interview techniques.